Why is tyre analysis so important?

The chart shows the typical percentage reduction in lap times with a 1% change in the performance of the tyres, mass, engine and aerodynamics.
As the tyre's grip is such an important performance enhancer, a study of why this is the case and how it can be achieved is imperative for the designer and race car engineer.

To complicate the situation even further, how can we validate the tyre information we receive from the tyre manufacturers? After all, they are the only components on the car that the constructors/teams:

  • Do not make themselves
  • Have very little control on how they are made
  • Cannot alter them to any large degree
  • Have very little knowledge on how they work!

How can we decide on what tests, models, analysis and simulations we can perform in order to understand the characteristics of the tyres better and how close to reality is our model or simulation?
These questions can only be answered by a careful scientific method approach. What follows is a reasoned discussion on the complex behavior of racing car tyres.

The definition of reason – The ability to form and operate upon concepts in abstraction, in accordance with rationality and logic. Conclusions and truths are then obtained from
“first- principles” arguments.

The definition of discussion – A debate that improves the knowledge of the participants. In this sense, a discussion in which the quality of the arguments can be judged and therefore appropriate conclusions can be made.

Why is tyre analysis so important? - White-Smoke

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