Students VDP

Mateo and Juan Carlos,

A very good first report. Please write a report like this at the end of each week. You can add a reports page and attach them to this page together with an explanatory title etc.
Try to organize these pages as a sort of log book of your work on the VDP project. Add a page for each facet of your investigations as shown on the (Formula Renault) pages.
Talk to Jose on your work so far and look at his page (Students Kriging) from time to time.

Do Lists (VDP)

Reports (VDP)

Attachments (All) Must be under 1MB (pdf preferred)

Scratch Pad (for quick notes and diagrams)

Link Lengths and Statics:

You may want to add a page for the link lengths and statics. this could also be added to the "Snap Shot" reports but we would have to arrange the buttons and reporting box to fit everything in.
At the moment we have 13 lines available. This should be adequate for the more important lengths. Most of the statics are already covered in the other reports.
Maybe the link loads could also be done this way, as well as having different sheets. Let me have your thoughts.
P.S. the units shown are imperial. Two places of decimals are OK for metric units.

Link Lenghts and Statics

Definition of the VSAL:

  • My definition is the length of the vector from the lateral IC to the contact patch (blue line).
  • The true virtual swing axle length is the perpendicular vector from a point on the line between the lateral and longitudinal IC's and the contact patch (white line)
  • The SAE definition is the horizontal distance of the lateral IC from the contact patch.

We should look at how ADAMS define the VSAL before any further validation. I prefer the blue line definition although the white line is more acurate.

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