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References to this engine can be found under various acronyms.

Endothermic rotary engine with two parallel rotation axes. Inventor: LIBRALATO RUGGERO (IT)
R.A.C.E. Rotary Atkinson Cycle Engine (Independent of type of fuel used).
D.A.R.T. Diesel Asymmetric Rotary Technology (Diesel fuelled application).
H.A.R.T. Hydrogen Asymmetric Rotary Technology (Hydrogen fuelled application).

Karl Niklass the founder of White-Smoke discusses the concepts behind the revolutionary new type of Atkinson cycle rotary engine technology.
I have a thing about rotary engines! There is something elegant about the concept of an ICE producing rotary motion in its simplest form. Apart from the Wankel none of the other designs have been a commercial success. When I first saw this engine, it appeared too good to be true. Like one of those perpetual motion machines, looks convincing but could not possibly work. The inventors claims where just not believable: Only half the size of a conventional engine yet produces 30% more power and uses 10% less fuel. Why is not everyone knocking at his door? After three weeks of simulating the engine design I was convinced that the invention was a truly remarkable breakthrough. Maybe after reading the appraisal that follows, you can answer my question. I for one cannot.

The rotary engine technologies are currently undergoing independent computer simulated appraisals and assessments.


1. IntroductionPrototype 01
2. General Description
3. How does it work?
4. Concepts and Comparisons

4.1 Why Rotary?
4.2 Efficiency
4.3 Asymmetric Geometry
4.4 Power and Size
4.5 Combustion Chamber
4.6 Fuel and Economy
4.7 Air Scavenge & Emissions

5. What are the main attributes?

6. Potential Applications

7. Addendum, H.A.R.T. (Hydrogen fuelled) engine

7.1 Wide range of flammability
7.2 Low ignition energy
7.3 Small quenching distance
7.4 High auto-ignition temperature
7.5 High flame speed at stoichiometric ratios
7.6 High diffusivity
7.7 Very low density
7.8 Low emissions

8. Animations
9. Links

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