Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions - White-Smoke
You will be given an "A1GP VDP Setup" zip file which must be unzipped into your default directory and folder. This is normally "My Documents" in XP or "Documents" in Vista. Run the "Setup VDP.xls" file to install the A1GP VDP folders, files,shortcut and VDP onto your system.

If your default directory and folder is different to the ones shown above then the setup program will indicate your current default directory and folder path. Make sure that the "A1GP VDP Software package" folder and contents are placed into this location. Then run the setup program again.

It is important to have WinTAX4 already installed on your system before running the setup program. This is because the setup program will check WinTAX4 for the export folder so that a link can be made to the VDP.

It is recommended that you use Excel 2003. This is the only version of Excel that is supported. Excel 2007 has serious calculation speed problems.

All necessary folders and files will be installed on your system for the operation of the VDP.

The VDP requires that WinTAX4 has special maths channels included with every export of data. These maths channels and how to set them up can be found via the following link:

  • How to setup WinTAX4 export for the VDP

Once the setup is complete, use the new icon on your desktop to open the VDP.

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