Do Lists (VDP)

Week beginning Oct 15

  • Finalise your work on the geometry program, at least to a reliable robust stage as far as the results are concerned. I will finish it off. It is however important that the results are validated with Adams and the CAD.

  • Take a look at the F.R. VDP and play with it. Get to know how it works. You can refer to the Formula Renault pages for an outline of how each page functions.

  • Write a “Plan of Action” for your project with a time line for completion of the various stages. You should concentrate on the LMP1 car first. If the time is too short then I will do the F.R. VDP.

  • Take a look at the first lot of Aerodynamic information with Jose and the drawing office team. Jose should make some first cut extrapolations and fits to the data using several different methods see the Kriging Pages.

  • Write an end of the week report.

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