Charlie's Knee

On the 15th January 2011 Charlie (that's me) sustained a serious knee injury whist skiing. My determination to return to the sport and life style that I love so much, and as quickly as possible, has prompted me to look into the types of knee brace systems that are available. This research has resulted in the following pages. The aim was to answer questions like;

Can knee braces prevent injury, or help prevent future injuries during rehabilitation?
What properties should a brace system possess? Is control more important that stability? What about ease of use and feedback issues?
Should an ideal brace system have all the degrees of freedom seen in normal natural knee movements?
What are the limits of normal movement and what is the range of excessive movements that could cause injury?

It has certainly been a steep learning curve for me, but at least I can rest assured that others might benefit from my misfortune.


It is hoped that my surgeons, doctors, physiotherapist and others who have an interest in my knee, will add to these wiki pages. Please feel free to add comments or your own insights. Any contribution is welcome. Please register as a member of this site first, so that I can reply to you personally.

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