7. Tyres

Someone once said that “Any vehicle dynamics program is only as good as its tyre model”. The VDP is no exception to this statement. Tyre dynamics are such an important part of race car engineering. When you consider that most of the dynamic ride height change occurs in the tyres and not due to suspension compression we can see how important it is to model them correctly. The VDP tyre model takes into account of tyre pressure, camber, normal load and rotational speed. Tyre growth due to rotational speed is offset by normal load causing compression. Compression is modified by the tyre pressure and dynamic camber angle. This is all calculated automatically by the VDP. The tyre spring rates are calculated fully dynamically based on these actual conditions. Therefore dynamic corner weights are calculated extremely accurately as are the dynamic ride heights when compared to other tyre models. The coefficients can be modified here but this should not be necessary unless Michelin should make construction changes to their tyres.

The extract below shows the “Tyre Charts” sheet

Tyre Charts Sheet

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