6. Dynamics

You can call up spring and packer combinations, with the amount of preload and packer gaps on the “Springs” sheet. A visual representation of the interaction of all the inputs is shown for the front and rear. Complex packer combinations can also be input here as codes. The dynamic ride heights are indicated as are the packer contact points. All the packer combinations are stored on the “Spring Charts” sheet. This sheet has a packer designer so that custom packers can be used.

The Extracts below shows the “Springs” sheet and the “Spring Charts” sheet

Springs Sheet

Spring Charts Sheet

The anti roll system on the Dallara is especially complex in its interaction with other components. On the “Bars, Blades & Bellevilles” sheet the interaction of the anti roll systems are visually displayed. Combinations of Belleville stacks, notches and locking nut positions can be tried here and the relationships of their interactions observed. Resultant dynamic weight transfers and roll angle are also indicated on this sheet. An extremely comprehensive set of stack combinations are included that can be called up by code number (single, dual and multi rate combinations are indicated).

The extracts below shows the “Bars, Blades & Bellevilles” sheet and the stack combinations

B, B & B Sheet

Stack Sheet

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