6. Potential Applications

The expected applications for this engine are:

  • Powerful small size, low weight, i.e. airplane, motorcycles, performance cars etc.
  • Hybrid power or generating situations
  • High efficiency applications
  • Alternative or multiple fuel uses (including hydrogen)
  • High tractability (low rpm torque to high rpm power)
  • Low vibration, i.e. small vehicles or hand tools (petrol or gas) etc.
  • Low noise situations

The demand for energy around the world continues to increase, while stocks of fossil fuels diminish. The world needs new technologies to conserve this vital resource.
With alternative types of fuel and the development of fuel cells still decades away from mass implementation, the internal combustion engine will be with us for a considerable time yet. The D.A.R.T. engine with its numerous advantages and scope of applications can provide the much needed bridge until the new technologies come online. The use of this engine in hybrid power situations is one of its major applications. The problem has always been that when you package the conventional engine together with the electric generator/motor and batteries, there is no room left for the people. The D.A.R.T. engine is extremely compact and due to its tractability can be combined with the electric generator/motor to form an immensely efficient and low emission power source, without taking up valuable space within the vehicle.

In conclusion this makes the D.A.R.T. engine an extremely viable contender for the future development of the internal combustion engine.

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