1. Concepts

Epsilon in the pitsThe VDP is a parametric model of the car. Relationships of the cars intrinsic parameters are stored as polynomial equations. This makes the program very powerful as complex interactions between the aerodynamics, geometry, dynamics, and tyres can be efficiently calculated and analyzed without the need for complicated lookup tables and functions.

The VDP uses very advanced interactive aerodynamic and tyre modelling algorithms. The aerodynamic simulations are based upon re-sampled, interpolated and extrapolated wind tunnel data. This data can be factored by the circuit conditions in order to provide a very accurate prediction model. Another area where the VDP excels is in the tyre characteristic models. These can also be factored by the circuit conditions.

Only the polynomials related to the Dallara chassis need to be stored in the VDP. This allows the program to be dedicated to this formula. Validation of inputs is therefore related to this car reducing human error. Construction of models for the components of the chassis are in most cases built in or can be easily adapted by the user.

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